About RAD

The mission of Reactive and Distracted Agility is to provide a trial environment where dog and handler teams working through the challenges of high distractability and managed reactivity can partake in sport with friendly competition. 

The challenges off the field might be brought to a minimum, but the challenges on course don’t back away from what you would experience at other trials around the country!

We know it can be hell sometimes...

Reactive and Distracted Agility was started by Meagan Johnson, an owner of a reactive Border Collie named Brix. 

Brix is the type of dog that struggles keeping her feelings to herself when it comes to sudden environmental changes and strange dogs. Meagan continues to work with Brix every day, and some days are better than others, but over the years Brix has learned to thrive in agility, growing into a superb teammate on the agility field and a lovely co-teacher in the classroom.

Inspired by her experience with Brix and her love of agility, Reactive and Distracted Agility was brought to life! Meagan is also a UKI judge and has studied through their challenging and extensive Global Judging Program. 

Real Agility

Courses provide real handling challenges to test you and your dog's skills!


Competitors are required to show care and compassion when navigating the trial space.


RAD Agility trials aim to be safe, secure for flight risks, and minimally distracting.

Small Numbers

Keeping entries to a minimum, the trial grounds can remain less triggering.

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