Sunday June 9th Novice Classes

Please be aware of the following:

Each class (A and B) are separate courses and your dog’s trial experience or titles in other organizations, while AWESOME, does not matter for entering this trial, and you can enter the same dog in A and B on the same day if you want. 

Each class tops out at 6 dogs. So sign up fast! 

You can only enter one dog per household PER Day. If you have multiple dogs, you can do one dog one day, and the other dog the next day.

Please review the Premium to be sure you know the specific times for these classes. Each class is $21, day of show entries are $24 per class. 

Please double check the premium for class orders and times!

Name Price Add to Cart
  June Sun NOV Agility $24.00 Read more
  June Sun NOV Gamblers $24.00 Read more
  June Sun NOV Jumping $24.00 Read more